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Monday, August 28, 2006

Guide to the Decatur Book Festival, Part One

Chapter 11* Books presents:

Your Guide to the Decatur Book Festival: Part 1

As I’ve mentioned before, we here at Chapter 11* Books are pretty much speechless with child-like glee over the Decatur Book Festival, which is set to take over downtown Decatur this coming Labor Day weekend Sept 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. There are going to be over 100 author events to choose from at the largest gathering of writers and authors in the Southeast.

You’ve doubtlessly already heard about the cornucopia of literary majesty that will be in attendance, not to mention Arianna Huffington giving the Keynote address Friday night at Agnes Scott College.

Chapter 11* Books knows that the author and events list can be slightly daunting, so for this week we’re going to help you plan your Decatur Book Festival experience.Each day we’ll pick a book from a different author who will be appearing at the Decatur Book Festival, and give you a bit of info as to why you should make them a “must-see”.

Tom Franklin: Smonk

Appearing at 3pm Saturday, on the Courthouse Stage

Tom Franklin, author of the powerful, dark Southern tale Hell At The Breech, returns in amazing literary form with his newest novel, Smonk.

What is Smonk?

Smonk is a Spaghetti Western. Smonk is a violent tale of redemption. Smonk is a highly-literate comedy of manners and errors, set in the Wild West. Smonk is Shakespeare with six-shooters.

Most importantly, E.O. Smonk, the titular hero (or is it villain? Or hero? Or villain? Or…) of Franklin’s new novel, is more like Odysseus in a ten-gallon hat than Maverick. Fast-paced, grim, and ultimately a fulfilling yet unsettling experience, Tom Franklin has managed to create a take-no-prisoners piece of work that’s at once funny and frightening. Fans of the show “Deadwood” need to perk up their ears, because Franklin just may have surpassed his source inspiration.

Pre-order Smonk now, or purchase it from us at the Decatur Book Festival.

If you need more author or book recommendations, be sure to stop by and see us at the Chapter 11* Books tent. We’ll be giving away books and signed memorabilia from various authors, and would love to chat with you!

Look for Chapter 11* Books at Booth 91, near the Information Booth.


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