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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Guide to the Decatur Book Festival, Part Two

Chapter 11* Books presents:

Your Guide to the Decatur Book Festival: Part 2

Yesterday, in part one of our week-long Chapter 11* Books daily guide to the Decatur Book Festival we told you about Tom Franklin's fantastic new book, Smonk. Well, it just so happens that, appearing along with Tom Franklin (and Sonny Brewer) as part of the "Male's Tales" panel on the Courthouse Stage on Saturday at 3pm is Jack Pendarvis.

Jack Pendarvis: The Mysterious Secret of the Valuable Treasure

The former Alabamian, who now calls good ol' Atlanta home, might have a name that rings familiar but that you can't quite place. He's a recognized author who has been published several places, my personal favorite of which being his Mcsweeneys's
Online piece titled "Jim Jarmusch's Notes For A Ghostbusters

Bill Murray goes to an Indian restaurant. He engages in non sequiturs with his waiter. (Backstory, NOT FOR USE IN FILM: Waiter has learned English from advertisements on the benches at bus stops.) Disturbance in kitchen. Bill Murray does not go to investigate. Looks at place mat, lost in indecipherable reflections. Something bursts forth from the kitchen. Bill Murray finds himself "slimed" (offscreen) by the lovable little slime monster from the original film. An emotion flickers over Bill Murray's face. Resignation? Ennui? Ironic detachment? Gentle bemusement? Despair? It is impossible to say.

Pendarvis' new story collection, The Mysterious Secret Of Valuable Treasure, shows off a wit that's at once fanciful and straight to the heart of matters. It'd be easy to group these stories into the category of "New South," but when you have George Singleton, an ace at the modern male whiskey-soaked short Southern Grotesque comedy, comparing the collection to "early T.C. Boyle and Samuel Beckett," you know you've got something special.

Don't miss this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime Southern literary treat as Jack Pendarvis shares the Court House stage with Tom Franklin and Sonny Brewer at the Decatur Book Festival on Saturday, Sept 2nd, at 3pm.

If you need more author or book recommendations, be sure to stop by and see us at the Chapter 11* Books tent. We’ll be giving away books and signed memorabilia from various authors, and would love to chat with you!

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