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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Book Fest Photo Recap Part Two

And we're back with the second and final part of our two-day Chapter 11* Books Decatur Book Festival Photo Wrap-Up. Sure, some other sites and blogs have more amusing photos, but during the festival we were too busy actually working, and we loved every minute of it. Here's the last of our choice photos from the Labor Day gathering of authors and book lovers.

THE man himself, Michael Connelly. His event and signing was SO well hotly anticipated and eagerly attended that it required three security guards for crowd control.

The OTHER man of the hour, Chapter 11* Books infamous webmaster, Mike "The" Sussman. His ongoing quote was "I wasn't even SUPPOSED TO BE HERE today!", after being drafted to work at the Chapter 11* Books tent on Sunday due to overwhelming attendance. He had fun, though. Or something close to it.
Carrie Dumas and Valerie Boyd were just two of the authors whose books we just could NOT keep in stock. For every one we replenished, two flew off the table.

A brief shower temporarily dampens the party. Though it passes quickly, Russ still finds it necessary to run in such a fashion
AJC political cartoonist Mike Luckovich takes a minute to sign some promotional posters we later raffled off.

One of the most anticipated, hot-button authors we had, Ray Suarez, gets into a debate even while signing books.

There you have it. If you came out-it was good to see you! If not-LOOK AT WHAT YOU MISSED! Hopefully you're already marking your calendars for next year's Labor Day-no excuses this time. Thanks for the fun, the conversation, the debates over Dumbledore, and for everyone who bought books based around our recommendations (and then thanked us for them), thank you and you're quite welcome. We can only hope you had as much fun as we did.

Chapter 11* Books would like to wish Steve Berry a speedy recovery and extend the largest thanks possible to the Decatur Book Festival committee and volunteers, the city of Decatur,the AJC, Target (for the free water), all the vendors, every single one of our customers and friends who ventured into the heat to visit us, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY:

the Decatur Square Starbucks.


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