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Friday, September 01, 2006

Guide to the Decatur Book Festival, Part Five

Chapter 11* Books presents:

Your Guide to the Decatur Book Festival: Part 5

Well, Friday, September 1st, is here. And you know what that means...something about books...

Tuesday we told you about Jack Pendarvis' The Mysterious Secret Of The Valuable Treasure. In the grand tradition of books keeping me up, I read the collection cover-to-cover last night, and found the entire thing to be a series of witty, self-deprecating musings on, amongst other things, Southern culture and the book industry at large.

To wit, from the collection's title story:

"...The publishing industry should have shut down years ago, having surfeited its pragmatic use impeccable logic, publishers should subsidize authors for NOT writing, so that the overwhelming surplus of literature could be brought, eventually, under control."

As you know if you've been following, Pendarvis will be appearing in panel along with another Chapter 11* favorite, Smonk author Tom Franklin, on the Courthouse Stage on Saturday at 3pm.

All week we've been telling you why you should visit the Chapter 11* Books tent, located, literally, in the middle of your walking path (because it is our intention to trip you) near the Information Booth. Book giveaways, raffles, bag-stuffers, book recommendations, Harry Potter (yes, Harry Potter), all this and more is yours at our tent.

Now, here is the best reason for you to stop by and say "hi" to us:

Exclusive pre-sales and promo giveaways from, amongst others, Michael Connelly.

You've been stopping in the stores to ask about this, and, YES, it is true: appearing on The Courthouse Stage at 1:45 pm Saturday, best-selling legal thriller author Michael Connelly will be exclusively selling his forthcoming novel Echo Park at the Chapter 11* Books tent. We've got his older releases, too, and we'll also be giving you everything you could possibly want to get signed by Connelly himself.

And that about wraps it up. Remember, a few simple notes:

--Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. We are taking over Decatur.

--Bring a friend, or a date, or a friend's date. This is a socializing event, not some stuffy "I am going to sit and whisper in hushed voices about Dickenson" sort of thing. The authors are there for your amusement...and not the other way around.

--There will be live music, activities, games, and vendors of all persuasions. The Decatur Book Fest isn't a five minute stop-and-go. This is your weekend destination.

And now, we're signing off. See you this weekend!

We've got a Book Fest to attend to.

The Decatur Book Fest is Friday, Sept1st through Sunday, Sept 3rd on the Decatur Square. For more information visit the Decatur Book Festival site, and be sure to stop by the Chapter 11* Books tent, located right in the middle of your path by the Information booth.


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