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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Once upon a time...there was a Book Fest

Well, folks, that was something else entirely. In the course of the Decatur Book Festival taking over the downtown Decatur square we laughed, we cried, we got rained on, and we bought freakin' awesome t-shirts.

(No, really, the Decatur Book Festival t-shirts are pretty much the coolest thing ever.)

Ambushed. Swamped. Overwhelmed. So much fun. So. Much. Fun.

Here's part one of our Chapter 11* Books Decatur Book Festival Photo Recap.
Yeah, we're late, but hey, we get to slack SOME TIME, right?

The view from the awake side of 7 a.m. Saturday morning, aka "oh, wow, this is really happening".

It's like the circus going up-the Information Tent gets itself set-up.

Oh, the early morning calm left us with little idea as to what we were in for.

Post-its are your friends.

Russ, who apparently can't discern between Decatur, Illinois and Decatur, Georgia.

Clockwise, from middle: Sonny Brewer, Tom Franklin, and some guy from the AJC. They were instructed to "look unimpressed". Authors never listen.

The NEW new novel Tom Franklin wrote, aka Russ's signed copy of Tom Franklin's Smonk. Seriously, though, this was a highlight, right here.

The security guards, who had to (almost literally) BEAT people away from best-selling thriller author Michael Connelly's appearance Saturday afternoon decided to see what all the fuss was about. Imagine that: cops reading Connelly. Either ironic or fitting.

This picture is courtesy of Russ taking a photo of the Atlana Journal photographerwho was taking a photo of the Chapter 11* Booth. Post-modern!

(see photo below)

And, finally

You probably saw this picture, if you flipped open your Sunday AJC. A girl enjoys a relaxing bean-bag + book experience at the Chapter 11* Books tent at the Decatur Book Fest. Chapter 11* Books: all publicity is good publicity, but great publicity involving cute kids is even better.

(photo from the Atlanta Journal)


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